Victoria & Michael Engagement Session in Downtown Greensboro, NC

    Victoria and Michael are a couple that defines adventurous, easy-going and no doubt gorgeous. They really bring out the best in each other and the pictures show. Even throughout all the walking we had a ton of fun and Downtown Greensboro NC has so much to offer for a photo shoot. The day was perfect weather wise and the pleasant folk around town just looked in awe at their love caught in image. Can you blame them? 

    Michael was Victoria's comfort zone and brought out many of her nature smiles. He really was such the gentleman, carrying props and shoes to each location and making things fun. Victoria knew exactly what she wanted to get out of this shoot and we did our bet to mimic a few poses as well as go with the flow naturally and get the best out of this location. Simply a photographers dream photo shoot. 

The ending to this photo shoot was by far my favorite moment for many reasons. This was a highly wanted picture, there were so many laughs during this photo process and the end result is stunning. I can not wait for this October wedding having experianced how amazing this couple is and will be throughtout their lifetime journey.