Bethany & Justin Fulk

     I have had the pleasure of following Bethany and Justin throughout there year before getting married. When I met the two of them at their engagement shoot in Downtown Gibsonville, I knew this journey was one to remember. You could feel the care and compassion they had from one another from the first moments. Bethany was stunning during the bridal shoot at the harvest House in Ramseur NC. The way she lit up her mothers eyes while the transformation into her gown was breathtaking. I remember leaving that day in amazement of how beautiful she was from inside out. 

    Wedding Day approached and it was nothing but expected. Lots of friends helping out and everyone enjoying and soaking up the moments while they were played out. Wedding and reception took place at the Brown Wesleyan Church Gibsonville NC. The beautiful ceremony and family oriented reception was simply tasteful. Lets not mention that the many beautiful cakes displayed were delicious. Along beside me everyone witnessed the bond of Bethany & Justin. Thanks you for letting me capture this special day! 

Victoria & Michael Engagement Session in Downtown Greensboro, NC

    Victoria and Michael are a couple that defines adventurous, easy-going and no doubt gorgeous. They really bring out the best in each other and the pictures show. Even throughout all the walking we had a ton of fun and Downtown Greensboro NC has so much to offer for a photo shoot. The day was perfect weather wise and the pleasant folk around town just looked in awe at their love caught in image. Can you blame them? 

    Michael was Victoria's comfort zone and brought out many of her nature smiles. He really was such the gentleman, carrying props and shoes to each location and making things fun. Victoria knew exactly what she wanted to get out of this shoot and we did our bet to mimic a few poses as well as go with the flow naturally and get the best out of this location. Simply a photographers dream photo shoot. 

The ending to this photo shoot was by far my favorite moment for many reasons. This was a highly wanted picture, there were so many laughs during this photo process and the end result is stunning. I can not wait for this October wedding having experianced how amazing this couple is and will be throughtout their lifetime journey. 

Bethany & Justin Engagement in Downtown Gibsonville

    Beautiful weather showed up for us this day and it was magical from the start. The very friendly staff at Wades Jewelers let us use there beautiful balcony for a few shots and we took advantage. I can say this was by far a very interesting yet fun engagement session. To an almost lost engagement ring due to a swinging branch to a super friendly officer that was looking out for our safety as we did a few railroad poses, this was a day to remember. Saying all that there was nothing more memorable than watching Bethany & Justin completely lost in each-other enjoying their experience leading to a soon to be wedding. What an amazing couple with so much personality. I am looking forward to this wedding by far. I hope they had as much fun as I did. Congrats again on your engagement and thank you for letting me be a part of your beginning :) 

~Beth Wright 

AnnMarie & Will Bowman Wedding

    I had the pleasure of capturing images of AnnMarie and Will's wedding on September 30th 2016. The sun really showed up for us and we made the best of it. You could see the instant connection they shared and even more so in little miss Abigail, her soon to be step-daughter. There are so many things I remember from there day but the main thing that sticks out to me was the overflow of loving emotions. She had a charm locket connected to her bouquet of her dads picture in remembrance of him and I was even teary-eyed. I get the feeling that these two were placed in each others lives at the very right moment and now there is no looking back. Congratulations AnnMarie & Will, may your marriage be filled with many blessings. 

Second Shooter- Steven Harrison

Morgan & Will's Wedding at St. Pauls Apostle Church/ Canterbury School

    Morgan and Will's wedding day could not have been more wonderful! From a traditional Catholic wedding to a family oriented reception it was such a memorable day. The atmosphere was relaxed with no tension or stress, and everyone was in the best mood ever.  She was a raving beauty and incorporated blue to a whole new level, while he was her smiling and extremely happy husband to be. Everyone involved treated me as if I was part of the family and I genuinely had such a amazing time. They were sent off with a beautiful firework display and off to enjoy their first night of being husband and wife. 

Ceremony Venue- St. Pauls Apostle Church 

Reception Venue- Canterbury School

DJ- Semaj Yarn

Second Shooter- Steven Harrison 

Wedding: Kara & Byron

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Kara and Byron you will know exactly what I mean when I say they are the most genuine, caring, kind and happiest people you will ever meet. There personalities are different but somehow fit so perfectly. These two were truly meant to be.

August 15th 2015 was finally here and Martin & Co was ready to make its grande debut. Friends and family gathered from the beginning of the day well to the very last minutes. Never have I seen such a beautiful bride ( inside and out). There evening was filled with love, friendship, fun and bliss. What more could you ask for? Congratulations Kara & Byron! Thank you for allowing me to spend this most important day with the two of you and I can't wait to share your wedding with the world. 

Ceremony & Reception Venue- Proximity Hotel

Bakery- Lily Cakes

Hair- TyShaun Brown       Makeup- Jalean Davis

Videographer- TheWrightFilms